Meet Audience2Media

Our Mission

Audience2Media’s mission is to help advertisers connect their brands with relevant people using pioneering technologies in the digital media world, to far exceed campaign goals driving industry leading engagement rate levels.

Unique Market Offering

Audience2Media was founded in the UK and launched September 2009 creating a unique market offering to brands, by utilising 1st party data, global publisher partners, combined with proprietary ad serving data management algorithms to “deliver relevant audiences”.

The lack of creative advancements in the digital creative world have kept brands behind, with delays in launching online campaigns due to a common failure to make their digital creative function correctly. Audience2Media has created its bespoke in-house creative build solutions which guarantee first class delivery of the online campaign accurately and effectively using Display, Video and Mobile ad formats.

Advertising with
Real Time Intelligence

Audience2Media is the market leader delivering “in-market audiences” on scale. The accuracy of Audience2Media’s targeting and brand safety was rapidly being recognised from media agencies and brands to deliver positive ROI along with 100% transparency for its clients ranging from various industry sectors such as: the UK government, airlines, health & beauty, luxury retail brands, automotive manufacturers, leading mobile networks, universities and property to name a few.

Pioneering Technology

Working daily with phenomenal engineers and strategic partners Audience2Media continues to design and build a pioneering approach to online advertising across all screens. Audience2Media’s platform KRYPTON has its own Audience Management System, leveraging multiple data points across millions of behavioural patterns in milliseconds to ensure each ad impression is delivered to the most relevant website visitor at the right time. Audience2Media have the ability to reach audiences worldwide based on their strategic partnerships with ad tech and publisher partners.


As programmatic technologies have rapidly progressed, Audience2Media’s optimisation begins with deep data-mining to deliver solid insights in order to release data-driven advertising through our powerful platform.

KRYPTON is a platform consisting of programmatic marketing methods, worldwide media, real time data interactions, cross device audience management and ad creative solutions for all screens, produced and delivered in one place.


Audience2Media has an outstanding team with a proven track record to deliver excellent results every day. From 94% to today’s 98% of all brands re-booking their campaigns to run across Audience2Media’s transparent platform is a phenomenal achievement. Audience2Media is proud to work alongside major brands and agencies in the UK and internationally, from USA, EMEA, Asia to Australia.