Our Mission.

To capture the perfect audience for your brand by delivering trusted creative content with speed and performance.

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First Time Buyer Readers' Awards 2021
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Unique Marketing Offering.

Audience2Media’s value proposition combines online and offline advertising into the influencer marketing arena as a 360° solution, like no other, combining web traversal data, social data, plus market research to create the world’s only global behavioural marketing business.

We illuminate your customers' behaviours, where they spend their time, and predict the trend of your customers' interests in real time.

Advertising Delivered by Experts

In 2009, we began with one focus: delivering targeted in-market online audiences to brands.

Today, our focus includes both online and offline channels, delivering a 360° campaign for our brand, ensuring we capture all moments of the consumer purchase journey.

Our Digital Professors leverages KRYPTON, our proprietary audience targeting platform, led by tech developers and data analysts with a keen eye for magnifying real-time consumer interests. This approach, which we term "Behavioural Contextual Display Advertising," ensures exceptional results.

Our Social Media Experts stay in tune with the latest trends, connecting the right audiences to your brand’s campaign, aligning culturally relevant content to people’s interests. Driven by data and a passion for what is current, they excel at their craft.

Creative Visionaries captivate your audience with mesmerising visual effects and unique experiences, converting aspirations to reality.

Our Influencer Impersonators mirror influential styles while remaining authentic. Collaborations with our content creators help craft artistic messages across platforms like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and more.

Our Tech-Savvy team are immersed in current podcasts and radio channels. They dedicate themselves in seeking out engagement with "in-market" audiences by injecting fresh ideas onto the right channels, at the right time.

Our Showstoppers ensure visibility with eye-catching outdoor billboards strategically placed in key locations. Never missed by in-market audiences.

Finally and not to be overlooked, our Traditionalists, who value the enduring charm of TV/BVOD, newspapers, magazines and print and continue the relationship with this established form of advertising.

All our team players collaborate closely with each other, and our Operations Lead and PR Strategist exist to ensure seamless operations and delivery.


Global Influencer Marketing Advisory Board

Committed to your success in Influencer Marketing, our Advisory Board offers expert guidance, invaluable advice, and unwavering support. We specialise in the seamless implementation of best practices, covering everything from regulatory compliance to strategic planning and creative execution, all aimed at elevating your brand’s reach and impact in this dynamic landscape.