Brand Safety

Audience2Media is proud to be the leader in non-exchange media inventory establishing our position since 2009 by growing year on year with a number of new brand safe publishers joining our Publisher Partner Program from around the world. Each of the websites we partner with are also verified by Integral Ad Science for any in-appropriate content or ad fraud as well as measuring viewability of each ad impression delivered on the internet.

The following are our steps to accept a media owner to join KRYPTON:

Publisher Site Vetting

Our media development team will take time to review the publishers content and search for any negative brand associations which may not be acceptable to our advertisers making sure each publisher adheres to our strict quality control standards.


Our program will scan web pages within our platform in real time to alert and block inappropriate content and any placement of our advertisements.

Regular Audit

Our media development team will review each partner on a frequent basis to ensure standards are kept to the highest level.

We’re Brand Safe Guaranteed!

We never run a campaign without creating a bespoke selection of appropriate media placements achieving 100% relevancy.

Our technology has been created to prevent any placement of our advertisers’ ads appearing on contradicting or detrimental content.


We are proud to partner with Integral Ad Science to further our approach to brand safety and the prevention of ad misplacement. IAS’ technology performs page-level analysis on the following content categories: Adult, Alcohol, Pirated Content, Offensive Language, Violence, Illegal Downloads, Hate Speech, Illegal Drugs.

Brand Safe

Analysis at page level further ensures the content surrounding of our advertisers’ ads aligns with the brand’s image.

Our standards are second to none and we are 100% confident your ads will not appear on any inappropriate site. If we have been proved to deliver an ad on inappropriate media, we guarantee full compensation on media spent.

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