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Managed Service

Experts in influencer marketing that guarantees results to allow you to focus on your business strengths.

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Self Service

Impact is perfectly designed to help you manage your influencer campaign from start to finish. Offering you the most effective and seamless end to end service in the industry today.

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Connect with powerful brands.
Join 82m+ content creators with impact and be part of the digital revolution!

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Managed Service

Applying proprietary Technology, Data, Creative Content to deliver excellence.

A global team of in-house experts dives deep into the brand’s values, customer behavioural profiles, with one focus… to increase brand loyalty by engaging with only relevant individuals in a natural creative way.

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Self Service

You will have the power to manage your campaign using impact.

The Platform is designed to give you full control. We offer full on board training, 24/7 support, full white label and access to first party data to make effective marketing decisions.


We are connected to leading e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Paypal, Google applications and many more to create a fully functional CRM management tool to easily manage your business needs.


For further detailed information regarding Self Service, we will be happy to discuss your exact needs
to prepare a bespoke proposal for you. Feel free to get in touch by calling us on +44(0)20 7052 3500
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For Influencers

A powerful brand has everyone talking. A powerful person talking about a brand, now that gets everyone listening.

In an age where social media is King, influencers are the rulers, using their authenticity to provide advice and inspiration to their followers on a huge scale. Our unrivalled platform of 82m+ global influencers means we only work with the most relevant influencers.

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Connect Globally

Collaborate with powerful brands that your followers will love

Become Insta-famous

Grow your social audience by representing well-known brands

Build Your Empire

Be paid to post on your social profile by sharing brand-sponsored content

Join our platform and be part of
the digital revolution!

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Engage with your audience

We deliver authentic posts, stories, tweets, podcasts, videos, experiential experiences and anything from here to out of space. Our ultimate goal is to deliver messages to increase customer loyalty and commerce.

We call it the L.M.O. of influencer marketing:


We schedule campaign messages only at the most strategic times


We handle all aspects of the campaign, leaving you to focus on what is more important for your business


applying real time behavioural data and engagement metrics, we take immediate actions to ensure maximum brand awareness and brand response is delivered

Find your audience
We are proud to position impact as the world’s largest platform.

Our continued investment in plugging in more influencers and data will allow us to maintain our leadership position in a global arena. We grew our Influencers from 47m+ to current 82m+ within three months. We’ll keep you updated on further growth!

We do it best, delivering campaign success.

Let’s create the influence


Data driven behavioural insights & strategies are created to position your brand to the perfect audience.

The Idea

The Idea

Brands come to life through unique content allowing people to interact with the campaign. Our aim is to humanise content by building trust and loyalty with your new consumers.

The Reality

The Reality

Ideas are unlocked by a wealth of experience and expertise across numerous industry sectors. We know how to deliver creative strategies with the assurance of a data first approach, to have everyone experience your brand.

Let's see the Impact
All our clients receive a comprehensive report providing transparency on how the campaign was executed from strategy planning, creative realisation, implementation, optimisation and delivery techniques.

Through our platform, clients will have real time knowledge of their audience behaviours, and target them with relevant brand messages across multiple channels.

Data Driven Campaign Reporting

Impact provides real time insights for each action point made by online consumers, allowing us to create future strategies with hard data to further exceed campaign objectives. Our clients will be able to log in to the Impact data analytics dashboard.

Brand Safety

Every influencer we work with is vetted on numerous aspects such as audience authenticity, genuine engagement by their followers and brand safe content. This provides us with a credibility score based on our algorithms to only select authentic influencers to assure solid brand safe results.