Campaign Reporting & Insights

We share our data

Our unique style of reporting gives you precise measurements across Display, Video and Mobile. We provide you with granular reporting to help you gather campaign insights for future decision-making. KRYPTON brings it all in one place and allows you to have a 360° view of your campaign.

We stay transparent

All our clients receive a comprehensive report providing transparency on how the campaign was executed from strategy planning, implementation, optimisation and delivery techniques. Through our platform, clients will have real time knowledge of their audience behaviours, and target them with relevant brand messages across multiple devices.

Data Driven Campaign Reporting

The following benefits are provided within our reporting interface for measuring campaign performance for our Advertisers. KRYPTON provides real time insights for each action point made by online consumers to your ad campaign, allowing us to create future strategies with hard data to further exceed campaign objectives.

Metrics in Real Time
Metrics in Real Time

Our technology algorithms analyse billions of data points in real-time to maximise campaign performance. Each of our reports will provide deep insights on your audience, illustrating engagement metrics with your online and mobile ad campaigns you run with us.

Audience Analysis Across Multiple Dimensions
Audience Analysis

Our reporting provides analysis of demographic groups, behavioural segments, contextual elements, conversions according to audience type, and a clear breakdown of the geographical split by region, or even down to the town.

Creative Ad Reporting
Creative Ad Reporting

Each creative ad format has their own unique data. KRYPTON can drill down to how much engagement each of your campaign’s creative ad formats had. The reporting will provide you with measurements to understand which ad format performed well within your audience segment.

Engagement Power
Engagement Power

Every campaign conveys valuable information to understand audience engagements. Audience2Media provides statistics on multiple data points helping you understand which CTA (call-to-action) points have performed most effectively.

Our experts are here to help

Our Campaign Managers and Analysts thrive on deep data mining and analysis, breaking down real time data to deliver results across all devices. Data reporting is crucial to grow and deliver greater results. Each report we produce can be bespoke to your needs making it more effective for your marketing analysis.

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