Media Owners Awards 2011

IPA – Media Owners Awards 2011

Wednesday 14 December, 2011

The IPA online Media Owner Awards (MOA) supported by New Media Age are designed to showcase best practice in levels of service that online media owners provide to agencies, with the aim of raising the digital standard in general. It has been recognised that within a short period of time, Audience2Media has been one of its core contributors for its services to the digital agencies and industry since its launch in Q4 2009. 

Daniel Morris, Audience2Media's Head of Business Development, has been shortlisted for representing the company in the category of Sales Newcomer of the Year

Tony Laskar, Founder & CEO comments: “Daniel has driven the company forward with his in-depth knowledge of the market and evangelisation of Audience2Media's platform. Daniel has proved that positioning Audience2Media as a new media owner in this competitive space is absolutely a phenomenal achievement and all of us at Audience2Media, believes in improving our standards each day to support the industry's growing success. Importantly we want to thank all of our agencies allowing us to deliver the ROI and high level of service required in this arena. Audience2Media looks forward to working to higher standards as we move forward.

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