#MEETTHETEAM: Matthew Moore

Tuesday 17 December, 2019

What is your role within the customer success team at Audience2Media?

I lead the global customer success team across our UK and Asia offices. I ensure the teams manage the business requirements of our clients to a high level, as well as nurturing a fast-paced, creative, forward thinking atmosphere. We aim to anticipate our client needs driving the best possible results for our partners across our IMPACT and KRYPTON platforms.

Name 3 fundamental aspects of a successful Influencer Marketing campaign?

- Selecting the right influencers: We use our proprietary platform and data to guarantee only the best profiles are selected for the campaign in relation to our clients KPIs and target audience

- Tracking: Ensuring all aspects of the campaign are tracked and monitored to show clients real results and ROI on their spend

- Strong influencer relationship: We work with the influencer creatively within our platform, with the aim of delivering authentic and engaging content to maximise performance

What in your view are the main challenges for agencies and advertisers working within the influencer marketing space right now?

Speaking with our clients, the biggest challenge is finding influencers who are not only relevant but deliver credible and authentic audiences to their campaigns. This is the core factor driving our data centric approach to influencer identification and verification

Finally, how has your team and/ or company evolved and adapted to meet these challenges?

By creating the worlds most advanced and largest influencer marketing platform allowing us and our partners access to data on over 85 million content creators. We ensure our development, product and operations teams work effectively with each other to ensure our platform is utilised in it’s fullest capacity across all campaigns

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