With Global Reach

We connect multiple data points allowing our brands to intercept consumers both online and offline capturing relevant moments, targeting the right audiences, with the right message, at the right time.

We do Online Advertising right!

Our global coverage equates to 95% of the online population with the largest network of publishers exceeding 15,000 today plus over 10,000 mobile app publishers.

  • Contextual & Behavioural Display Targeting
  • Social Media
  • Behavioural Influencer Marketing & Amplification 
  • Digital Out of Home
  • PPC/Search
  • BVOD
  • Digital Audio


Combing all audience data points, we know exactly who to target in real time and understand how to break through the ad clutter, efficiently and effectively. 

Core Targeting


We aggregate our data points in real time by demographic and contextual attributes based on our Publisher Partner Program and Web Analytics division. This allows us to target any age and gender with 98.2% accuracy today. Our system algorithms will match “in-market” audiences to the demographic profile of the advertising campaign.


Eliminate wastage of your marketing budget as we will only target people based on specific geographic locations whether that be nationwide, cities, towns or even post codes. For pinpoint targeting we apply our Hyper Local Targeting feature, to target consumers on the move within 10 metres from your desired location.


Contextual targeting is the vital ingredient to the targeting mix. It allows us to scan the content of a web page the user is viewing in direct correlation to the ad.


Individual behaviours are segmented in real time to include the sites the anonymous user visits as well as the content of the site or page, over a period of time. This non-personally identifiable information (NPI) is populated into audience segments creating audience categories to allow us to display ads, at the right time on the right media to users who have shown a high behavioural score on our platform.

Time / Day
Time / Day

Our Time/Day Targeting feature allows us to show your ad to a user only at the most relevant time. We can target users by the time-of-day and time-of-week regardless of time zone anywhere in the world.


So many people leave your website without making an action. We can retarget these visitors as soon as they leave your site in real time on the next website they visit. This feature reminds and drives the visitor to return to your site and complete the intended action.

We do Behavioural Influencer Marketing & Social Media Advertising

We do Behavioural Influencer Marketing utilising the World’s largest influencer Marketing Platform with 134m+ global creators which allows us to optimise a campaign from the onset with audience data proprietary to us. We believe in creating competitive advantages for ourselves and for our brands. We manage the full end to end process of influencer marketing. We can start a campaign within hours!

We do Social Media Advertising easily when you know how to use platforms built by the same engineers! Knowing the latest algorithms, ad formats, targeting options are all vital components to deliver a great campaign. We have our tech savvy ad operators who also built our platforms which makes us different and better.

We do Offline Advertising more efficiently and cost effectively.

Leveraging decades worth of relationships with media owners. Our Online experience is driven by data, we simply do the same with Offline. The core elements apply, know your audience, who consumes offline media and when. Importantly, knowing how to capture the attention is our secret. Our expertise covers:

  • Television (TV)/BVOD
  • Cinema
  • Radio 
  • Print
  • Outdoor


Every report we produce, delivers deep insights to prepare us for your next quest to conquer new heights of success for your brand.

Frequency of our reporting:

  • Real Time Reporting
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Annual Analysis
  • Brand metrics and analysis
  • Access to our proprietary Dashboard Report system