Behavioural Advertising.

With the launch of the new Toyota Vios we were instructed to create a bold and dynamic mobile advert, much like the car, to connect people with the brand.

The campaign delivery was aimed at 25-49 year olds, to help raise maximum awareness and to push in-market audiences to locate and test drive the Toyota Vios in Malaysia.


Our in-house creative team built a custom interstitial embedding a clear call to action where users were able to easily locate and book a test drive. Targeting specific cities and serving ads towards business professionals within Malaysia, we identified key behavioural patterns outside of the normal automotive interests which delivered higher engagement and captured online users at the right time to book a test drive.


Campaign Success

1.08 %

CTR +35% Above Industry Average


Segments Automotive, Business, Lifestyle & Technology

317 %

CPA Below Target

96 %

Video Completion