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Audience2Media's platform KRYPTON utilises best-in-class, real-time data analytics to make automated targeting decisions on each impression. Combining our data management platform (DMPv1), demand side platform (DSP), ad serving technology and our direct global publishers delivers a robust approach of discovering and targeting relevant audiences. Our framework and algorithms enables us to deliver cost-effective campaigns as they integrate our targeting technology and targeting features to achieve maximum ROAS and performance.

Audience Discovery

Filtering multiple platform data points
into a single point of action

The goal is to influence the anonymous online person to interact with your brand, delivering higher engagement rates through brand awareness in real time.

Audience Management

Targeting across all screens

Our solution automatically analyses each interaction the user makes online and manages the data streams delivering crystal clear statistics to action upon.

Decision Making

Logical processing of actionable data

Our operations team applies deep knowledge to implement the buying and optimisation strategy to allow the system to enhance your advertising message, only targeting in-market audiences at the right time and location, based on the anonymous user’s traversal data.

Device Agnostic

Frequency cap on all devices

Our advanced technology platform consistently measures performance of all our advertising products to enable brands to connect with relevant people alongside relevant content on any screen optimising campaign performance.

Programmatic Media Buying

We've enhanced the programmatic buying model to suit our Advertisers better with KRYPTON

KRYPTON was created to allow us to integrate with publishers on a global basis instantly, as publishers continue to shift into the automated digital arena to supply their online media. The key difference with KRYPTON is that we combine 1st party data alongside the media which is matched based on the online user’s profile.

Publisher Programmatic Partners

Automated media buying

1st Party Data Provider
1st Party

Publisher Partner Program
+ Web Analytics Division

Real Time Campaign Data
Real Time

Interest-based optimisation

Multiple Devices

Frequency caps
across all devices

Audience Management

Ad server algorithms creating
audience segments

In-house Creative Build Solutions
Creative Build

User based decision making
rich media ad formats

Brand Safety Reporting & Insights

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