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Display Display

There is nothing more discouraging to the eye than an irrelevant ad to the online consumer. So why waste your advertising budget?

We make sure each banner ad impression displayed is to the right audience that grabs immediate attention delivering brand awareness, site traffic, leads, sales and foremost, connecting your brand to relevant people.


All brand safe publishers

380M+Unique Users

Reach global audiences based on their interests monthly

TOP 30Categories

Plus 10,000+ audience sub categories for niche targeting

Audience2Media Average Engagement Rate

Source: KRYPTON – representing 6,255,716,471 ad impressions served online – standard display banners over a 3 month period.

Our Pulling Power

  • Connect - relevant audiences with your digital ads
  • Connect - relevant media placements for high visual impact
  • Connect - relevant data and content to deliver high engagement

Video Video

Guaranteed to find new customers

People are now watching more video content online whether they are consuming their desired content on their desktop or mobile devices. We know at that time only these people are in the moment of 100% attention. We have delivered over 1.3bn+ video ads and set market leading view through completion rates achieving 81% along with CTR engagements peaking at 12%.

With 100% brand safe environments displayed on 6000+ video publishers, Audience2Media offers a robust targeting platform to educate your offering to only the most relevant people.

1.6bn+ People

People watch video ads online

64% Consumers

More likely to buy products after watching a video

65% Video Viewers

Watch more than 75%
of a video ad

33% Tablet Owners

Watch one hour of video per day on their device

Customise, Reach, Transparency

  • Rich Media Content creation enhancing your existing pre-roll video to know exactly what your customers want
  • Reaching 86% of the online video population in most geographical locations
  • Tight Frequency Cap to ensure we don’t waste your ad budget and annoy your consumers
  • 100% Guaranteed Brand Protection, transparency of media where your video is displayed

Mobile Mobile

We target consumers on all mobile and tablet devices across Mobile Web and In-App driving engagement with your brand on brand safe media. Our unique advertising solutions deliver conversions, app downloads, site traffic, in-store visits and major uplift to brand awareness.

We have built a unique offering to leverage our display and video audience data to apply to our mobile audience, creating the only platform to behaviourally target audiences on mobile.


Mobile phone users globally


Smartphone users want ads customised to their location


Hours a week spent on mobile


Smartphone users have made a purchase via there smartphone


Global mobile consumers use their device as their primary internet source

Ubiquitous Customer Targeting

  • Response Rates - 8 x above in achieving your goals
  • Real Time Targeting - proprietary technology and mDMP
  • Transparency - on media and data
  • High Impact Advertising - to deliver maximum engagement
  • Dynamic Creative Solutions - revolutionary ad formats built in-house
  • Unique Hyper-Local Targeting - drive in-store traffic from 10m away

Cross Device Solutions

Connect your brand with relevant people on multiple devices

Our cross device management solution offers advertisers the ability to target individuals with their brand messages across Desktop, Mobile and Tablet from a single platform capturing their consumers without the risk of losing them when they switch to different devices.

Connecting Multiple Data Points

Our global data source of 32M+ IP addresses allows brands to intercept a consumers’ online journey to capture relevant moments to target them with relevant ads according to their location and interests, on any device.

Our NPI cookie targeting data has the scalability to target the anonymous online consumer more accurately than any other media platform in the market.

Brand Optimisation

Our innovative ad formats are able to be displayed across multiple screens. Whether your ad is being served on desktop, tablet or smartphone device, we are able to identify individual consumer behaviours to understand which CTA (call-to-action) points are most effective on a specific device. This can help advertisers gain further insights into their audiences, and allows us to enhance the campaign performance in real time and deliver high ROI.

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