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We have hard data, no assumptions made

Our Audience Targeting Platform, KRYPTON allows you to reach a huge audience with consumers showing a wide variety of interest patterns at any one time for a particular product or service. Our targeting technology and data algorithms will easily find and locate exactly where and who your desired audiences are across any device.

There is a specific website your consumer is visiting and at that precise moment only, is the chance to convert the consumer to your brand. We only show your brand to consumers who prove to have a strong affinity to your particular product or service, on the right media, at the right time.

Delivering Relevant Reach and Brand Awareness

Advertisers and Agencies have benefitted from knowing their ads have been accurately displayed on the internet to only the most relevant people. We only target a specific group of people within a target market at which your campaign is aimed at.

Audience2Media’s cross device targeting connects individuals on scale. We utilise data on each digital touch point across desktop, mobile and tablets allowing our Operations Team to optimise towards relevant people, ensuring the perfect audiences are engaging with your brand.

Audience Discovery

From data to insight

Action to identify key audiences
Build profile of key audiences in real time
Refine and optimise media application

Real Time Data Gathering + Analysis

Audience Targeting

From insight to action

Dramatically improve reach of target audience through open brand safe media selection applying data points gathered in the discovery stage

Behavioural + Contextual Optimisation

Explore, Optimise, Excite


We aggregate our data points in real time by demographic and contextual attributes based on our Publisher Partner Program and Web Analytics division. Therefore, we can target any age and gender with 98.2% accuracy today. Our system algorithms will match the demographic profile of the target market to the demographic profile of the advertising campaign.


This targeting feature will help to eliminate wastage of your marketing budget as we will only target users based on specific geographic locations whether that be country wide, cities, towns or even post codes. To enhance targeting we apply our Hyper Local Targeting feature, to target consumers on the move within 10 metres from your desired location.


Contextual targeting is the vital ingredient to the targeting mix. It allows us to scan the content of a web page the user is viewing in direct correlation to the ad. For example, if you are visiting a website about travelling in Europe we will then display our relevant travel campaigns regarding flights, car rentals, hotels and travel insurance in real time.


Individual behaviours are segmented in real time to include the sites the anonymous user visits as well as the content of the site or page, over a period of time. This non-personally identifiable information (NPI) is populated into audience segments creating audience categories to allow us to display ads, at the right time on the right media to users who have shown a high behavioural score on our platform.

Time / Day

Our Time/Day Targeting feature allows us to show your ad to a user only at the most relevant time. We can target users by the time-of-day and time-of-week regardless of time zone anywhere in the world.


So many people leave your website without making an action. We can retarget these visitors as soon as they leave your site in real time on the next website they visit. This feature reminds and drives the visitor to return to your site and complete the intended action.

The Outcome

Engage with customers based on their behaviours and interests at the right time, all the time, across our B2B and B2C audiences.

  • Reach relevant audiences on scale, building positive brand confidence
  • Protect your brand with a 100% guarantee of brand safe publishers within our platform
  • Target to specific geo-locations anywhere across the globe
  • 100% Transparency on audience insights and media placements

Combining both our B2B and B2C audiences plus millions of NPI cookie targeting data we have the scalability to capture the anonymous online consumer more accurately than any other media platform in the market.

Each ad impression is served with proprietary data application delivering 100% targeted ads which are more likely to be clicked, viewed and drive brand loyalty, ultimately generating higher engagement levels and delivering the ROI your brand deserves.

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