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#MEETTHETEAM: Claire Miles

Welcome to the latest edition of #MEETTHETEAM!!! Today is Claire's turn, our new Customer Success Executive :)

#MEETTHETEAM: Patricia Ortiz

Welcome to our #MEETTHETEAM section! Today is Patricia's turn, our new Customer Success Executive :)

Is Influencer Marketing a new strategy for brands?

Santiago Luis, our Marketing Manager, wrote an interesting article about the history of the Influencer Marketing market

The Need for an Influencer Marketing Platform

Chris Gallanongo, our Head of Platforms, wrote an interesting article about the market of the Influencer Marketing Platform

What is a Push Marketing Strategy?

Our Head of Asia wrote an interesting article about the Push Marketing strategy in the digital era.

We are sponsoring the Influencer Marketing Awards 2019

Tony Laskar, our CEO, talks about the key developments in the Influencer Marketing industry.

Attribution in the Digital World

Chris Gallanongo talks on the importance of attribution and the benefits of having an attribution model.

We have joined the Tribe!

Tribe Global is a network of independent agencies from across the world who have come together to bring a business advantage.

What’s stifling creativity in the online space?

Matthew Moore, Brand Solutions Director, Audience2Media who talks about the issue of stifling creativity in the online space.

Ad Tech Players are dancing but are the Brands?

Our industry is undergoing an explosive revolution with programmatic growth expected to reach 80% of all digital spend by 2018.

‘Those purchasing media on a blind basis should not be managing media budgets!

Tony Laskar, Audience2Media’s CEO, speaks with The Drum over how exaggeration of fraudulent traffic is negatively impacting the sector as a whole...

Marketing Week Engage Awards 2010

Over 1,500 top marketers from all over the country attended the sell-out event to celebrate the triumphs of the past year. Chris Evans provided a wild

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