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Here’s the tea on the latest developments within the entertainment landscape using data-driven insights to boost your strategy.

Social Media Platforms are now dominating brand discovery for Gen Z consumers, with 43% of people searching for products on social media. Crazy, we know! With User-generated content and the presence of relatable influencers representing the values that consumers truly resonate with - relatability, sincerity, and authenticity. There's an influencer for everyone. (There’s even a 90 year old gamer grandma!)

To keep up with the aptly colloquially named ZOOMERS, Traditional cable and broadcast TV brands are pivoting to create their own streaming platforms while gaming and mobile continue to be the pillars of modern entertainment. However, the recent subscription price hike and increased consumer savviness coupled with cutbacks mean that the multipronged fight for attention is more competitive than ever!

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Let the results speak for themselves!

Over the years we’re proud to have brought the public together for these entertaining experiences such as; Lovefilm, from way back, Showcase Cinema, Channel4, Hitman movie, Disney+, MUBI as well as spreading our wings to exhibitions and theatre including Wallace Collection, Wellcome Collection, Mamma Mia, Billy Elliot, Jersey Boys Musical and many more! Delivering on average - 64% uplift in site traffic and 127% uplift in tickets sold.

With a focus on results, Warner Brothers partnered with Audience2Media via their agency PHD, to evoke nostalgia with Warner Brothers at heart to the people who remember sitting down when they were younger watching Charlie and The Chocolate Factory sharing their experiences with their children today, ultimately driving a huge audience to Warner Brother’s special 60 seconds “Pure Imagination” asset, which provided to be:

  • Well received and led to uplifts in KPIs – Positive perception, likelihood of watching a Warner Bros movie and recommendation all were higher among those that had seen the ad vs. those that hadn’t.
  • Higher uplift among couples aged 25-34 – A larger uplift in positive perception and recommendation was seen in couples aged 25-34 vs parents with children aged 5-18.
  • High ad recall – Almost a third (32%) of those that recall seeing the ad viewed it on a social media platform, with YouTube being the most likely place they saw it.
  • The ad triggered positive emotions – 63% felt happy after seeing the ad and 57% felt nostalgic.
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – the most memorable clip in the advert with 46% citing the film.


Utilising our core value proposition, we delighted our client by exceeding expectations in every single metric and achieving great outcomes such as:

  • 20.63% increase in overall engagement rate
  • 38.71% Increase in Brand Reach*
  • 50% Increase in Brand Mentions*
  • 194.97% Increase in Brand Interactions*

*Based on Audience2Media’s social listening data comparing pre-campaign and during campaign period.

With the right data and strategy, we can resonate with your audience through culturally relevant content and get results! Content is king, authenticity is Queen and together with the right strategy, making moves has never been easier.

Capture their attention with Audience2Media.

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