Get off the sauce and into sauces, there’s money to be made

Despite how:

  • People have started returning to offices, thus cooking less
  • Consumers less likely to stockpile sauces as stock stabilises 
  • Consumers eager to eat-out and spend time with family and friends at restaurants being unable to do so for the past few years
  • The Market is projected to become more competitive 

Based on Audience2Media’s global findings, sauces have managed to retain the top spot within retail as the best performing category in 2022 and is projected to increase in market valuation as consumers start to develop more sophisticated tastes alongside an increase in marketing initiatives both globally and locally making it vital for brands to optimise marketing spend to gain valuable market share.

KEWPIE Malaysia Brand Awareness

Through the clever use of market data, Audience2Media collaborated with our partners over at KEWPIE Malaysia to build their brand awareness, enforce brand position and Promoted key messages as the innovators of KEWPIE Power Salad, a program in collaboration with multiple cafes to target consumers, filling the need for a hearty meal for the professionals ensuring it is healthy and full of flavour whilst on the go.

KEWPIE Power Salad Marketing

Utilising our core value proposition, we delighted our client by exceeding expectations in every single metric and achieving great outcomes such as:

  • TRIPLING the Campaign Reach with 71% added value on clicks to their Kewpie Power Salad website
  • 273.33% Increase in brand interactions*
  • 275.86% Increase in engagements*
  • 23.85increase in social mentions*
  • 20.48% increase in overall engagement rate
  • 6.52 X earned media value 

*Based on Audience2Media’s social listening data comparing pre-campaign and during campaign period.

IMPORTANT: Your vital steps to be competitive

  • Use relevant content creators to influence consumer behaviour
  • Utilise marketing spend efficiently to gain an edge over competitors
  • Conduct in-depth marketing research on industry and trends to know what consumers want
  • Identify and target a niche that isn’t being fulfilled by others, or do it better
  • Play an attacking game, get creative with your message

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