#MEETHETEAM: Paul Scanlon

What are your credentials / past experience for working in your new position?

I have been working in media for the last 10 years and experienced lots of disciplines and sectors. I started in PR before a Media Planning role where I spent over four years learning absolutely everything I could about the world of Digital Media. Following this, I lead the planning for some exciting global brands with media agencies.

Three years ago, I started working with media owners, predominantly a social publisher called The Hook. During my time there, we forged record breaking deals with leading media agencies... we collaborated with the likes of Warner Brothers, Voxi, Paramount, Royal London, The National Lottery on social and influencer marketing activations. We won a shedload of awards too!

Here, I was given the opportunity to lead large pitches and projects, keynote speak at industry events and develop some fantastic client relationships. And just generally “boost my profile” as it were. Although, saying that has made me cringe slightly.

So, I guess the short answer would be, a decade of varied media experience and the eye for spotting a great influencer / brand partnership – generating short and long-term revenue for both the company and client.

What are values that drive you?

I know it sounds cliché but relationships, without a doubt! I firmly believe that relationships build all-round value. From having the confidence and trust that somebody will deliver the best they can, through to being able to have an honest conversation in challenging situations which in turn drives the best results. Having a strong relationship allows you to be human, at the end of the day we’re all just working to do the best job that we possibly can.

You might think this is a bit sad (it probably is!) but some of my best mates are people who I’ve previously worked with over the years - both as colleague and client.

What excites you the most about influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is constantly being innovated for the better. It’s still in its infancy yet it’s already come a long way, brands are doing it (relatively) well now, but the constant development as a marketing channel is something that excites me – who knows where we’ll be in 5-10 years’ time? It’s impossible to predict.

The prime for influencer marketing is constantly being challenged. And now, with further developments using behavioural data-led influencer marketing planning (the two worlds of programmatic and influencer marketing coming together) we’ve reached even new heights!

Who do you think does influencer marketing well?

Bow down to Gymshark. Considering the essentials of business, the four P’s (price, product, promotion, place) Gymshark’s are all perfectly suited for retail-based influencer marketing. Of course, they’ve nailed the content too. A masterclass in influencer marketing for sure. Everyone knows they’ve smashed it.

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

This is obviously the most difficult question…

If it’s one meal and then that’s it, I’m done – a full-on roast with all the trimmings please. That way I could probably pick at it and survive for as long as possible (bleak?).

But if it’s one meal that is served to me three times a day for the next 50-odd years, an all-day brunch? It’s versatile enough for me to have different parts of it at different times of the day and probably not get too bored.

Have I massively over-thought this?









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