Welcome to the latest edition of #MEETTHETEAM! And welcome to the team April Chan!

Why did you choose Audience2Media as your next professional step?

I chose Audience2Media because of its reputation as a unique platform specializing in influencer marketing, and its focus on delivering measurable results for clients. I am excited about the opportunity to work with a talented global team of professionals and to learn from their different expertise in the industry.

What is your big objective in Audience2Media?

My big objective in Audience2Media is to contribute to the success of the agency by delivering “Hong Kong Style” high-quality work that exceeds client expectations. I hope to bring my skills in digital marketing, localization, strategic thinking, and project management to drive growth and performance.

With De-influencing being all the rage amongst western creator spaces, do you think that the trend will start catching on in Hong Kong? Why?

I believe that the trend of de-influencing may eventually catch on in Hong Kong, but it may take some time for the concept to gain widespread acceptance. The influencer market in Hong Kong is still growing, and there is a strong emphasis on celebrity endorsements and brand partnerships. However, as consumers become more discerning and demand greater authenticity and transparency from influencers and brands, we may see a shift towards de-influencing in the future.

What in your view are the main challenges for agencies and advertisers working within the influencer marketing space right now?

One of the main challenges for agencies and advertisers working within the influencer marketing space is the difficulty in measuring the effectiveness of campaigns and attributing ROI to specific influencers. There is also a risk of influencer fraud and fake followers, which can undermine the credibility of campaigns and lead to wasted investment. Luckily our platform has detailed social listening and hashtag analysis, to enhance greater transparency and disclosure around influencer partnerships, as audiences become more aware of the commercial nature of sponsored content.

How have Hong Kong Influencers adapted and overcome those challenges?

Hong Kong influencers have adapted to the challenges of the industry by focusing on creating high-quality content that is authentic and engaging. They have also been more transparent about their partnerships with brands and have worked to build trust and credibility with their audiences. Additionally, they have a practice to do live streaming and short video like reels or shorts, to reach and engage with their followers.

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