#MEETTHETEAM: Gurmeet Gill

Welcome to a new edition of our #MEETTHETEAM section! Today is Gurmeet’s turn, our new Asia Brand Solutions Director :) Welcome to the team Gurmeet! Enjoy this great interview.

Why did you choose Audience2Media as your next professional step?

After being in the advertising, branding & PR industry for over 13 years, I suppose it is natural progression to wonder what could be the next big thing in the industry and I must say over the last 5 years, influencer marketing is booming in the country. We have a ridiculously crazy number of influencers that grows by the day and consumers/followers look at influencers as brand advocates.

What is your big objective in Audience2Media? 

Reshaping opinions on how proper influencer marketing with bulletproof strategies can help brands to not just raise awareness but convert & create advocates who through the power of Word of Mouth will generate organic interest in the brand. Also, it is crucial for brands to realise that there is no one size fits all strategy and that everything works as cogs in a wheel and influencer marketing is a powerful cog that can’t be ignored.

Who do you think does influencer marketing well?

I found the Moxy Hotels campaign quite unique as it relied heavily on video content that was funny as Taryn Southern interviewed other influencers about random stuff & since the campaign was so well-received, Moxy decided to produce a second season of sorts. The storyline was organic & entertaining without having the need to hard-sell the brand. 

Name and profile of your three favourite influencers? Why?

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo – He just knows how to reign in his followers with male-centric brands/products, be it an endorsed or organic campaign. 
  2. Priyanka Chopra – She is pure poise and grace. To me, I feel like she owns the room when she walks in. 
  3. Syed Saddiq – On the Malaysian front, SS is a young & upcoming politician who commands a strong following of Malaysian youth & young adults. He speaks eloquently, is well-groomed and has the propensity to be a strong brand advocate that none of his older peers posses. 

What do you love most about Kuala Lumpur?

KL as it is fondly known is a booming metropolitan that can be best summed up as the cultural melting pot of Asia. The sheer diversity of its residents, the best of modern amenities set against a background of unique neighbourhoods and greenery (we even have our own rainforest in the city). It has the best of everything.

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