The Competitive Advantages of Running an Always-On Influencer Marketing Campaign

By Claire Miles


In today’s climate, we are exposed to between 6,000-10,000 brand advertisements daily. Thus, for a brand to become memorable, it is essential that they become front of mind for their target audience.

As we now spend an average of 2.5 hours on social media daily, influencer marketing is becoming more and more crucial in encouraging brand recognition and driving conversions which can benefit from an always-on approach.  Linqia’s research found that in 2019, 42% of marketers have already shifted to an always-on influencer marketing campaign, as they noted the success of heightened engagement across social platforms.


So, what are the 4 advantages of instigating an always-on influencer marketing campaign?


1. Powerful complement for ALL marketing activity

In a report by Forbes, 71% of consumers stated that their purchase decisions are influenced by social media recommendations. Therefore, if a consumer is already thinking about a product thanks to the brand’s everyday marketing activities, it is highly likely that an influencer recommendation will tip that though to a conversion. Influencer marketing is effectively digitalised word-of-mouth marketing with the added benefit of being able to manage it on scale and measure the results. To amplify the signal of Influencer activity , it's important to maximise frequency. It is a well known fact that the chance of someone purchasing a new product off the back of one billboard advert is slim, the same is true for influencer marketing; To garner long-term results and the best possible ROI, it is imperative to follow an ‘always-on’ approach with greater visibility. As a tool, influencer marketing should be valued and measured in the same way as all marketing means, to see how influencers can complement your efforts towards the brands overall goal.


2. Grow your Credibility and Trust

Credibility is developed by working with credible influencers whose following matches the brand’s target audience. For this to work well, it is important to use a trusted data platform such as Audience2Media’s Impact, to decipher an influencer’s credibility and engagement rating, as well as factors such as their audience’s age/ethnicity /gender to ensure the brand is spending their money as effectively as possible. Credibility and trust are additionally (and often, most importantly) developed by how often you work with that influencer. It goes without saying that more than one mention of your brand will lead to a longer-lasting impression as well as grow the influencer’s audiences trust in your brand as they note the growing relationship between you and the influencer. Thus, a partnership is considered far more valuable than a paid-for post. 


3. Make your Brand memorable

The effective frequency in general marketing terms is equally important to consider within Influencer marketing. Simply put, a one-off post may drive a certain level of interest but repeated mentions by several influencers is what makes it truly memorable.  Ensuring you pick the right influencer is highlighted here again – Many influencers will have follower crossovers and so finding a few with your ideal target audience will only serve to improve frequency and make you more memorable.


4. Become FRONT-OF-MIND with influencer Ambassadors

With more and more brands competing for top influencer endorsement and sponsorship space, influencers are in high demand. It is important to not waste the potential of building a relationship with an influencer and seeing increased performance by just doing a one-off collaboration. Influencers can receive hundreds of brand emails trying to entice them into sponsorship deals and so any response you receive from a potential brand ambassador should be utilised. The more a brand is featured on an influencer’s channel, the more confidence their audience will have in the perception of the influencer’s trust in the brand. Long-term collaborations allow the brand to see the momentum build from their original engagement as the audience becomes more familar with the brand.


In summary, an always-on approach should be seriously considered by any brand in order to increase loyalty, awareness, customer engagement and ultimately, be front-of-mind. If you have any questions about the above or want to find out how you can begin testing out an always-on approach for your brand, drop us an email at





The Competitive Advantages of Running an Always-On Influencer Marketing Campaign.

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