We have joined the Tribe!

Tribe Global is a network of independent agencies from across the world who have come together to share, learn, and develop and to bring a business advantage to our clients around the globe. Spread over 47 cities, with 1,700+ people and speaking 28 languages, Tribe’s capabilities spread across a multitude of advertising and marketing specialities. From Digital, Print, TV and Radio to video production, event organisation and CRM tools, Tribe has all aspects of marketing communications covered.

Here at Audience2Media we are pleased to announce that we are now official members of the Tribe Global Network! CEO Tony Laskar comments on the membership:

‘Being a partner of Tribe Global positions us to create a powerful synergy with our partners, allowing us the opportunity to power up our offering to brands in any continent. Audience2Media will bring world leading digital capabilities and expertise to the network, to amplify Tribe Global’s digital offering. Having met with the partners, their vision to lead, pioneer and be different proves why Tribe Global continues to expand into new markets and maintains and builds a phenomenal reputation. To be part of Tribe Global provides a huge competitive edge”.

Director of Tribe Global Ian Wright talks about why Audience2Media was asked to join the Tribe Network and the value that he believes we bring:

'Building a network of independent agencies from around the world is all about finding the best talent. For me, the appointment of Audience2Media was an easy decision. I met with Tony and was impressed and inspired by his vision for the business. Two of the core values of Tribe Global are sharing and learning. Therefore, Audience2Media's is perfectly aligned with Tribe Global's values. We are always looking to give our Members business advantage - having Audience2Media as part of Tribe Global will allow us to achieve this.’

For more information visit Tribe Global.

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