What is a Push Marketing Strategy?


A Push Marketing Strategy also called push promotional strategy, where businesses attempt to take their products to the customers. In a Push marketing strategy, the goal is to use various marketing techniques or channels to ‘Push’ their products in order to be seen by the consumers starting at the point of purchase.

Why is PUSH Marketing Strategy important?

The main purpose of PUSH marketing strategies are usually used to gain product exposure, and it applies to both new and existing product, particularly crucial for newly launched products where creating visibility is a top priority. In many instances, consumers are unaware or actively seeking the product, with the right and persistent ‘PUSH’, a product awareness and understanding will become more established, that eventually helps to create demand of the said products. In other words, This type of marketing strategy hopes to minimize the amount of time between a customer discovering a product and buying that product. To accomplish this, companies use aggressive and wide-reaching ads to make the biggest and most immediate impact they can on customers.

Push Marketing Strategies can be implemented in both traditional and digital marketing media or channels.

Example of a traditional push marketing methods are:

  • Direct Selling to customers in showrooms
  • Point of Sale display (POS)
  • Direct Mailer
  • Packaging designs to encourage Trial or Purchase
  • Trade show Promotion

Example of a digital push marketing methods are :

  • Display advertising across devices i.e. publishers media buyer, network media buy, behavioral marketing
  • Social Marketing i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter…
  • Video marketing i.e. Youtube, Facebook, Tik Tok…
  • Content Marketing i.e. blogging, an advertorial on publishers’ site, contest...

All of the above digital channels are great methods to reach and educate the consumers.

Since I am in the digital marketing industry, I am a firm believer that digital marketing can be an easy and cost-effective channel to implement Push strategies and result. Why? The answers are simple :

  • The scale of reach – almost limitless in the internet world
  • The speed of launch & reach – quickest of all media
  • The accuracy of relevant reach – audience targeting capabilities based on demographic, behavioral and geographical

Having said that, both traditional & digital PUSH strategies are equally important to create product exposure to different market segments & audiences, consumer awareness about a product and ultimately product demand. When this happens, marketers can then introduce a ‘Pull’ marketing strategies for sales conversion.

What is ‘Pull Marketing’? I will discuss in the next sharing. Stay tuned!

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