Privacy Policy.


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At Audience2Media we are committed to being transparent on how we use data collected through online advertising campaigns we run on behalf of our clients. This privacy policy will cover all the data that we collect that is then used to deliver relevant ads to online consumers. Our aim is to make this policy simple and easy to understand, if at any point you find yourself unsure about the content of our policy please contact us.


Audience2Media is an Audience Targeting Platform (KRYPTON) & Influencer Marketing Platform (IMPACT).

Audience2Media specialises in targeting online users by displaying relevant adverts on specific websites a mobile apps. We partner with renowned websites within the UK as well as several selected international media companies taking display advertising space and selling it to advertisers and agencies. We have one solution delivering relevant audiences to advertisers, by using a global leading technology platform allowing us to target online users with relevant online adverts.


Audience2Media focuses on audience targeting creating specific channels of interest delivering the maximum reach and most interested online consumers to the Advertiser. We further create behavioural categories by simply identifying which websites' online users visit. For example, if you visit a food site within our platform then we may classify you as interested in food. Importantly, we work with all major websites and selected niche sites which allows us to create real time interests of the anonymous online user, based on their web surfing habits. Audience2Media works with both Publishers and Advertisers and we are bound to deliver effective advertising and ultimately maximising the amount of return on investment that can be generated.



Advertisers are brands wanting to connect to relevant internet users with online advertising through our platform. We work closely with Advertisers to ensure targeting is relevant and that they are compliant with current data laws.


Publishers are websites that we source to collect user data, which allows Audience2Media to serve relevant ads to online users. Publishers that we work with are compliant with current data laws.


A cookie is a small text file stored by a web site on your computer to keep track of information about your browsing on that site. Some sites use cookies to record your surfing patterns, and then optimise the information the site subsequently presents. For example, a search site may present you with advertising that reflects your interests based on the keywords you search for.

Basically, cookies can store tracking data about your browsing, but cannot access any personal information from your browser. A summary of cookie capabilities is given below:

Default settings. If you have already entered data to a web site voluntarily, then cookies can store it and later retrieve it to set default settings every time you visit, such as user name, password, reference settings, etc.

Custom content. If you search for words on a site associated with a certain subject, such as "garden", the site could learn to present you with more information on gardening related subjects in side-bars and related links sections.

Form data. Cookies can be used by browsers and web sites to archive information that you enter on complex forms, so that if you leave the page or you become disconnected and come back to the page later, your previously entered data can be preloaded for you.

Limitations. Cookies cannot access your email address, read files from your hard drive, or obtain your credit card numbers or other personal information. Cookies cannot put viruses on your computer, because they are text data files and not active programs.

Cross-site access. Cookies from one site cannot be used to record your activity on other sites, and a site cannot read another site's cookies. Other than site activity a cookie cannot access any other information with two exceptions: a site can record the address of the page you linked from, and it can record the address of the page you jump to (if the links are customised to transmit the data).


You can prevent cookies from being used on your computer at all or manage them with a custom application. You can set your browser to reject cookies as follows.

Internet Explorer: Tools / Internet Options / Security - Set security level to "High", or Custom level / Cookies / Disable

Mozilla Firefox: Tools / Options / Privacy / Cookies- Uncheck "Allow sites to set cookies"

Safari: Preferences / Privacy / Remove All Website Data / Click “Remove Data”

Chrome: Settings / Advanced / Clear Browsing / check cookies and site data / click “clear data”

Note that some websites will not let you view their content unless you accept their cookies. If you want to go to the trouble, you can turn cookies on to visit them, turn them off when you leave, and then turn them back on when you return, whereupon you may have to re-enter information not saved in the cookie.

Our websites may contain content and advertisements from third parties that may perform user activity tracking. Regardless of this, you will have the option to "opt-out" and please refer to such third-party advertisers privacy policy. Audience2Media will not be responsible for the privacy practices of such other websites. Audience2Media encourages online users to read the privacy statements of each and every website that may collect personally identifiable information.


Personal Data is user information that can be used to identify you as an individual or can be used to contact you. Using data that may include: Name, Email Address, Postal Address and Telephone Number.


Non-Personal Data is user information about a user but doesn’t directly identify the individual. Using data that may include: Time Stamp, Browser, Geo-Location, Device, Delivered Adverts, Total Adverts Clicked, User Behaviour History and IP Addresses.

IP Addresses are considered Personal Data, when Audience2Media applies such data these are pseudonymised, within our encrypted ad serving platform.


Personally-Identifiable Information: Personally identifiable information may be collected when you specifically and knowingly provide it to us, personal information such as your e-mail address, name, phone number, year of birth, or other information may be provided for demo purposes. Where applicable, personally identifiable information includes personal data as defined in applicable law.

This Privacy Policy does not apply to the privacy practices of third parties that we do not own or control, including but not limited to any third party websites, services, applications, online resources to which this Site may link or otherwise reference (collectively Third Party Services or TPS) that you may access through the Services. For example, the Services utilise the YouTube API Services as a TPS, and you are agreeing to be bound by the YouTube Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and API Services Terms of Service when engaging YouTube content and services through the Service. We take no responsibility for the content or privacy practices of any TPS. We encourage you to carefully review the privacy policies of any TPS you access.

You may have the option to register an account with us using a TPS, and you may connect your account to a TPS such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. By authorising us to access your TPS account, you authorise us to obtain certain information from your TPS account, which may including your name, email address, birthday, work history, education history, current city, shared media, and the names, profile pictures, relationship status, and current cities of your TPS contacts. We only obtain information from your TPS account that you specifically authorise and grant us permission to obtain.

We collect and use your personally-identifiable information to: provide the Services; operate and improve our Service; provide customer service; perform research and analysis aimed at improving our products, Service and technology; and display content that is customised to your interests and preferences.

You may always choose not to provide personally identifiable information, but if you so choose, certain parts of the Service may not be available to you. If you have registered an account with us, you will have agreed to provide your personally identifiable information in order to access the Services. This consent provides us with the legal basis we require under applicable law to process your data. You maintain the right to withdraw such consent at any time. If you do not agree to our use of your personal data in line with this Policy, please do not use our Services.


When an online user lands on and consents for their data to be used, this includes: Browser, Geo-Location, Device, User Behaviour History, and IP Addresses. Audience2Media may deliver the user Audience2Media adverts whilst browsing the internet.

If online users are considering opening a business relationship with Audience2Media, we will need to process their Personal Data. This will include: Name, Phone Number and Email Address. Audience2Media may contact you by direct mail, email and phone by using your personal data registered with us at the time of your enquiry and consent to receive marketing. As always, we abide by the law to protect your privacy. Your personal data will only be used for processing marketing materials from Audience2Media if you have given your consent. Audience2Media does not sell, trade or rent any personal information to others. Should you wish to unsubscribe at any time, please let us know by email to or by post.


When an online user consents for their data to be used on an Advertisers or Publishers website, Audience2Media will receive anonymous information on the user. This will include: IP Address, Browser, Geo-Location, Device, Advert Engagement and User Behaviour History. Audience2Media will use this data to deliver more relevant adverts to online users. For example, if online users have previously visited an automotive website with an Audience2Media pixel on it, Audience2Media will identify the Pseudonymised IP Addresses as in-market to receive a car advert.


Audience2Media does not share or sell data to any external companies or businesses. Our service providers may assist with troubleshooting advert delivery, hosting and data processing.


Audience2Media may store data for up to 3 months within our Audience targeting platform, and then it is permanently deleted.


If you do not want to be targeted by Audience2Media adverts, you can opt out by clicking the opt out button at the top of this page.
The opt out feature is Browser specific which means if multiple browsers or devices are used, you will have to opt out on each one.
By opting out an exclusion cookie is used on your browser to prevent further targeted ads by Audience2Media. Your Browser will be most likely to accept third party cookies from other ad tech vendors and publishers. Furthermore, if you delete Audience2Media’s exclusion cookie it will be necessary for you to opt out again.


Audience2Media does not collect personal data on children under the age of 13, knowingly. If you are a Parent or a Guardian that has become aware that the child has supplied Audience2Media with their data, via our website, please contact Audience2Media will remove that data immediately upon your request.


We work closely with our Advertisers to make sure that their websites, containing Audience2Media’s pixel, have adequate privacy policies and consent agreements that abide with current Data Protection laws in the UK, Europe and Malaysia. The data we receive from advertisers is purely applied to their specific online advertising campaigns only and does not mean that we endorse the advertiser in any way.


In the event that another company acquires all or substantially all of the assets related to Audience2Media Limited and Audience2Media Sdn Bhd. Audience2Media Limited reserves the right to include any or all stored personal information among the assets transferred to the acquiring company. Such an acquisition we will notify all our business partners.

This privacy policy is subject to change without any notice. We may change our policy at any time by posting a new version of it on our website. Please do keep an eye on it. The effective date of this policy to be applied is 25th May 2018.