All our advertisers have access to a personal dashboard login. We provide real time insights for every action point made by online consumers for ad campaigns, for both Krypton and Impact, providing full transparency on the execution of the campaign including strategy planning, implementation, optimisation and delivery techniques. Using our real-time data analytics, we create current tactical and future strategies with hard data, to further exceed campaign objectives.

Metrics in real-time

Our advanced technology algorithms can analyse billions of data points in real-time to maximise campaign performance. Every report we produce provides a deep insight on your audiences, illustrating engagement and conversion metrics with your display and influencer campaigns.


Audience analysis

Our reports deliver precise analysis on demographic groups, behavioural segments, contextual elements and conversions, providing a clear breakdown of the types of audiences reached during your campaign.

Granular reporting

Our innovative technologies can pin-point the exact engagement each of your campaigns has generated. Each report concludes measurements to understand top performing parts of your campaign whilst providing statistics on multiple data points to recognise which CTA (call-to-action) points performed the best.

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