WeChat is the most popular mobile messaging app in China, connecting people, services and businesses, allowing advertisers to target Chinese audiences to create brand awareness and loyalty.

  • Strong platform for consumer engagement, customer service and impact
  • Immediate uplift in brand awareness and engagement rate
  • Efficient channel for sharing brand updates and building brand loyalty
  • Non-intrusive ad experiences as WeChat banner ads appear at the bottom of articles
  • WeChat push notification feature ensures high delivery rate of marketing messages to followers (reaching up to 100%)
  • Social shopping and e-commerce with integrated payment channel

Visual Features

  • 1. WeChat article: WeChat banner ads appear at the bottom of a WeChat article written by another WeChat Official Account
  • 2. Ad banner: The banner contains a logo, account name and headline. If clicked, it takes the users to a page containing additional information about the brand/product
  • 3. “Follow Account” action button: The action call takes users to advertiser’s Official WeChat Account page

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