SayMine is a new digital service that allows internet users to discover, and effectively manage what the internet knows about them and their digital footprint. Working through their PR team, Clarity PR, the campaign focused on building awareness and driving audiences to the SayMine website to register and manage their online personal data.

Top 3 Content Creators

3.16% Engagement


3.79% Engagement


5.58% Engagement

“…Thank you very much for all your hard work on the campaign team, including the reporting following the campaign. You've been such a star to work with, appreciate everything you've put into this campaign. Great outcome, no doubt we'll work together soon!”


Audience2Media identified relevant influencers across Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, using behavioural and social data to create a tactical plan to maximise engagement and clicks to the client website.

A unique link was provided to influencers in order to track how many users visited the website through the sponsored posts.

Influencer schedule included both micro influencers to drive higher engagement, as well as a larger YouTuber specialising in technology to maximise reach and drive performance over a longer period of time.

Campaign success.

8,292 Link Clicks

14 Content Pieces

7,691 Engagements


632,169 Impressions


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